My research interests lie mainly in Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Psychology (especially the Emotions) and issues in Influence and Persuasion (especially in Leadership). I am also interested in how insights derived from research can have an impact on people's actual practice and behaviour, especially in organisational life and in the way leadership and influence are exerted within organisations large and small.

I am always interested in comments on papers, published or draft, and in inquiries about postgraduate supervision in any of these areas, as well as in inquiries about the implementation of these ideas in (and their implications for) professional and organisational life.

Drafts of Work in Progress:

Ethics of Advertising (forthcoming in Routledge Handbook of Philosophy and Media Ethics)

Practitioner-Focused Writing:

Research Monograph:

Published and Forthcoming Research Papers:

Feeling Fantastic – Emotions and Appearances in Aristotle”, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, vol. XXXVII (winter 2009), 143-175.

“Aristotle on the Centrality of Proof to Rhetoric”, Logique et Analyse, 53/210 (2010), 101-30.

“Aristotle’s Theory of the Emotions”, in Pakaluk, M and Pearson, G (eds.) Moral Psychology and Human Action in Aristotle, Oxford: Oxford University Press (2011), 47-74.

“Feeling Fantastic Again – Passions, Appearances and Beliefs in Aristotle”, Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy, vol. XLVI (summer 2014).

“Proof-reading Aristotle’s Rhetoric, Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie, 96.1 (2014), 1-37.

The Persuasive Use of Emotions”, Philosophy (Supplements), 85 (2019), 1-26.

Dialectic, Persuasion and Science in Aristotle”, Proceedings of the Boston Area Colloquium in Ancient Philosophy 36.1 (2021), 1-29.

“What is true rhetoric in Plato’s Gorgias?”, in Mikeš, V and Machek, D (eds.) Proceedings of the XIIth Symposium Platonicum Pragense, Brill (forthcoming 2022).

“Human and Animal Emotions in Aristotle, in Coope, U and Sattler, B (eds.) Ancient Ethics and the Natural World, Oxford: OUP (2021).

Academic CV:

My reasonably up-to-date academic CV is here.


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